Over the past two decades I have completed many works that were commissioned by government and private organizations as well as individuals, and I am grateful that these sources of funding exist. When private individuals decide to take the step to commission a work, this often leads to a deep sense of personal involvement, lending additional significance to the whole process of completing a commission. This can work in both directions: Direct commissioning by individuals gives the patron a window into the world of the composer, in the form of discussions about the process, updates on the progress, and sharing of thoughts about the work. On my part, I enjoy offering a window into my creative world and I have immense respect for anyone who decides to stick their neck out, taking the risk inherent in funding a work of art that does not yet exist. Though I have never failed to complete a commissioned work, this asks for a certain leap of faith.

 Generally, agreement is reached on a duration, an instrumentation and a date of completion. A commission could range from a short solo-piece (perhaps an original birthday gift?) to sizable string quartets (two of mine were commissioned by individuals), to really anything imaginable. For bigger projects the financial commitment can be significant, and commissioning can be done collectively, adding another dimension; several commissioning clubs are in existence. In most cases, a tax deduction is possible.

Over the course of the 20th century the relation between composers and audience has perhaps become somewhat complicated. There is a striking contrast between the popular and even commercial success attainable in contemporary visual arts and the situation in contemporary music. Even so, there a signs of a reviving interest in programming as well as commissioning new works of music. I hope to play a modest role in improving the relation between composers and audience, and I invite you to explore the possibilities of commissioning. I’m open to all inquiries and discussion: even if you do not have any concrete plans, feel free to contact me using the contact form on this site.